First Choice Tapes

Standard Banner Hem Tape​

DC-2346 is a double-sided, highly aggressive, clear in color, polyester acrylic tape. DC-2346 bonds permanently to most metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and a variety of plastic and wood surfaces. DC-2346 is 60 yards in length, instead of the standard 36 yards.
Rolls of Banner Hem Tape
Physical CharacteristicsNominal Values
Total Tape Thickness4.5 mils
Backing Thickness.5 mils
Adhesive Thickness (each side)2.0 mils
180° Peel Adhesian to Stainless Steel125 oz/in
Liner TypeWhite Kraft Easy Release
Holding Power (PSTC-7)> 150 hrs
Tape ColorClear
Loop Tack62 oz/sq in