First Choice Tapes

Foam Tape​

DC-1736 is a permanent bonding, closed-cell polyethylene tape coated on both sides with a high performance synthetic rubber adhesive. Its excellent conformability and compressibility make it the perfect choice for mounting signage, small die-cast pieces, mirrors, and other substrates.
Rolls of Foam Tape
Physical CharacteristicsNominal Values
Thickness, Density1/16" (62 mils)
FoamCross-linked Poly
Adhesive Thickness2.0 mils per side
Tack80+ oz/in
Peel Adhesion (15 min dwell)100 oz/in
Sheer Adhesion @1kg psi200+ hours
Release Liner3.5 mil 60# Kraft
Application Temp40° F to 100° F
Service Temp-20° F to 165° F