First Choice Tapes


PowerTape is a single-sided, super strong reinforcement tape used in the sign industry to construct super durable banners. Its superior adhesive allows PowerTape to withstand winds in excess of 98mph.

Benefits / Uses:
– Cut your production time from 20 minutes per banner to 3 minutes per banner.

– Reinforce the tops of retractable displays to guard against tears and runs, runs that, if left unchecked, will cover the entire length of your banner. Just one strip of PowerTape across the
top edge solves the problem before it starts.

– Apply PowerTape to your banners to help prevent edge curl for a clean presentation.

– Use PowerTape to fix a tear in an existing banner to extend the life of your product. Repairing
is less costly than replacing!

Use a 3” piece of PowerTape under all grommets to prevent tearing out of grommets.

3 Rolls of Hook and Loop Tape
Quantity: 1 - 5 Rolls
Quantity: 6 or more