First Choice Tapes

Transfer Tape

Rolls of Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape​ SC555 is specially formulated for general-purpose sign shop applications. Its typical use is for small to medium-sized computer-cut letters requiring adhesion to exposed liners. Our transfer tape lays flat and stays flat and resists wrinkling, tunneling, and edge curl. Roll length: 300′ Stock Sizes: 30″, 36″, 54″ Width 30" x 300 ft. $158.10 […]


Rolls of PowerTape

PowerTape​ PowerTape is a single-sided, super strong reinforcement tape used in the sign industry to construct super durable banners. Its superior adhesive allows PowerTape to withstand winds in excess of 98mph. Benefits / Uses:– Cut your production time from 20 minutes per banner to 3 minutes per banner. – Reinforce the tops of retractable displays […]

Hook or Loop

3 Rolls of Hook and Loop Tape

Hook or Loop​ Hook or Loop – sold separately SC-9093 Hook/Loop is an industrial-grade hook or loop with a high-strength, rubber-based adhesive, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Hook or Loop is sold separately and available in Black or White. Hook or Loop – sold separately Hook (white) 3/4" x 25 yds $32.64 USD Loop […]

Double-Sided Masking Tape

Rolls of Masking Tape

Double-Sided Masking Tape​ DC-2001 is a double-sided masking tape with medium adhesion and an easy-release crepe paper liner that conforms well to almost any surface—used for router tables, photo mounting, carpet installations, printing plates, and various applications. Sizes 1" x 36 yds $9.92 USD 2" x 36 yds $19.92 USD Case 48 rolls: 1" x […]

Foam Tape

Rolls of Foam Tape

Foam Tape​ DC-1736 is a permanent bonding, closed-cell polyethylene tape coated on both sides with a high performance synthetic rubber adhesive. Its excellent conformability and compressibility make it the perfect choice for mounting signage, small die-cast pieces, mirrors, and other substrates. Sizes 1/2" x 36 yds $13.11 USD 1" x 36 yds $19.36 USD Case […]

Clear Ultra High Bond Tape

Rolls of Ultra High Bond Clear Tape

Clear Ultra High Bond Tape​ DC-1223 is a crystal clear colorless, high-bonding acrylic tape suited for permanent bonding of signage, automotive trim, painted metals, glass, furniture, and more. Sizes 1/2" x 36 yds $48.60 USD 1" x 36 yds $91.45 USD Case 18 rolls: 1/2" x 36 yds $874.80 USD Case 9 rolls: 1" x […]

Ultra High Bond Tape

Rolls of Ultra High Bond Tape

Ultra High Bond Tape​ DC-1345 UHB is a gray-supported, high bonding acrylic foam core tape, coated on each side with permanent bonding, acrylic adhesive. DC-1345 is suitable for permanent bonding to a variety of surfaces such as automotive trim, signage, painted metals, glass, plastics, and wood. Sizes 1/2" x 36 yds. $39.98 USD 3/4" x […]

Standard Banner Hem Tape

Rolls of Banner Hem Tape

Standard Banner Hem Tape​ DC-2346 is a double-sided, highly aggressive, clear in color, polyester acrylic tape. DC-2346 bonds permanently to most metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and a variety of plastic and wood surfaces. DC-2346 is 60 yards in length, instead of the standard 36 yards. Sizes 1" x 60 yds $14.97 […]

Premium Banner Hem Tape

Rolls of Banner Hem Tape

Premium Banner Hem Tape​ DC-2348 is a double-sided, highly aggressive polyester acrylic tape constructed of a high-adhesion, moderate-shear acrylic adhesive. DC-2348 provides superior permanent bond capability with excellent quick stick for splicing applications. Sizes 1/2" x 36 yds $6.24 USD 1" x 36 yds $11.20 USD 1.5" x 36 yds $16.85 USD 2" x 36 […]